FERAL ASSEMBLY (Founded by Ellen K Graham)

Feral Assembly is not a theatre company. We have no season, no board, no budget, no members. We just want to tell stories, on stage and in the studio, that engage a diverse and curious audience.


PANDEMIC COLLECTIVE (Founded by Rhea Amos)

The Pandemic Collective is a non-profit 501(c)(3) theatre company based in Denver, Colorado dedicated to infecting the masses through horror theatre. By engaging artists and audiences across all mediums, we seek to collaborate as a cultural force to rouse outrage and fear in hope of social change.


THE LULUBIRD PROJECT (Founded by Lisa Wagner Erickson)

The Lulubird Project is a collective dedicated to developing and producing theatrical works that are playwright-driven, original, and slightly absurd.


CHASE & BE STILL PRODUCTIONS (Founded by Dakota C Hill)

Chase & Be Still is a Theatre and Film company dedicated to showcasing humanity from its most beautiful to its ugliest. Born out of the desire to experience new and original stories, Chase & Be Still strives to continually develop, perfect and present a reflection of the human experience through storytelling on stage and on screen.


MR. VULFRAN’S CARRIAGE (Founded by Tami Canaday)

Mr. Vulfran’s Carriage is dystopian theatre where feverish American road maps lead to skewed journeys and unexpected destinations.



Curated by Theater 29 Playwrights, Denverwrights is dedicated to promoting and fostering new work by local playwrights.