The 2019 Season

Watch the video (if you haven’t already done so), and read on for details about the one of a kind season pass and the hilarious, infectious, & imaginative new plays coming to Theater 29 in 2019!


The 2019 Season Pass

2019 Season Pass holders will receive a discounted ticket to one show by each of the following Theater 29 resident companies in 2019: The Lulubird Project, Pandemic Collective, Chase & Be Still Productions, & Feral Assembly.




Starting with . . .

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By Lisa Wagner Erickson

Nightly, Febuary 28 - March 9, No Show Monday March 4

About the play: Nostalgic gender norms collide in this rollicking comedy about a search for certainty in a world that is anything but.

Visit The Lulubird Project website for ticket information

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Thursdays - Saturdays 04.18 - 05.04

About the play: It's a New Orleans-inspired horror play that will be told in part with shadow puppetry by awesome puppeteer Katy Williams.



By Rhea Amos & Jamie Lujan

Thursdays - Saturdays 10.10 - 10.26

About the show: La Llorona is a play based on the Urban Legend originating in Mexico. The tale is that of The Weeping Woman, an infamous apparition who searches for her children and is known to cause grave misfortune to any living person who sees her. Our telling of this folktale will be expanded, warped, and twisted through the incorporation of live music, movement, and dance elements.

*La Llorna was a finalist for Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ Powered By Off-Center residency program.

Visit Pandemic Collective’s website for information and tickets.



By Dakota C Hill

Nightly, June 6 - June 15, 8pm,Sunday at 6pm, NO SHOW on Monday

About the play: Hellen Wellman and her family find their party plans for the patriarch of the household upended by the arrival of a young stranger. The Martin family soon discovers that much like politics and morals, family and the truth can be very divisive.

Check back this spring for ticket information on the Theater 29 website and on Chase & Be Still Productions’ Facebook page

feral assembly_Fotor2.jpg


By Ellen K Graham

Nightly, August 22 - 31, 8pm, 6pm on Sunday, NO SHOW on Monday

About the play: City girl Lee works hard, saving up money to get her own apartment. But her plans are derailed when she meets the velvet-voiced Corva, who wants to lure her away from civilization into the unmapped wilderness.

Check back this summer for ticket information on the Theater 29 website and on Feral Assembly’s website



By Theater 29 Resident Playwrights

November and/or December: Dates coming soon

About the play: An evening of skewed non-holiday/ not-the-usual holiday short plays.

Ticket information will be posted on the Theater 29 website in the fall.

Vulfran LR.jpg

COMING IN 2020 (Dates TBD)


By Tami Canaday

About the Play: Trapped in a riot damaged store in Denver, the leader behind the riots and two of its casualties meet.

Visit Mr. Vulfran’s Carriage webpage for more information

Lisa Erickson